This is one of the original designs included in my book Origami Made Simple. Read the full article: A Little Easy Origami Teapot ▸

'Oyi mate fancy a cuppa?'... 'two sugars Charlie, dirty with skimmed milk, shaken not stirred'... 'Alright hold your fluff Jamie Bond, is only a cuppa. Guy Ritchie origami penguins, what fun.

My latest experiment. Only got half way through and still got two days of neck pain. 🤣 I am leaving it like this, I think the asymmetry looks fun. I just wanted to see whether I could turn a classic scale pattern into something more interesting. 😅

9 TAILED FOX Kurama Origami FULL TUTORIAL!👇❤ Feel free to Share or give this Video a "Thumbs Up" if you enjoyed it and Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!😊💕👌

Very proud of this new - a giant icosidodecahedron which will become a lamp ❂

I have way to much time on my hands

MPA challenges you to get as creative as you can with it's Origami challenge. Create one piece, such as an elegantly crafted swan, or many pieces to create a scene, such as a woodland. All entries will receive points. Forms with the most points will get prizes

Here at rb&hArts we are thinking of you all & hope we can continue to provide respite & creativity by moving our programmes online: Tomorrow our Crafternoon-ers Rosie and Annabelle will be testing an Zoom session 2-3pm 😊 DM us for details. More to come soon! 💜

Everything is so delicate in this short thing we call “life”.

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