traffic update: 12th August 2020 Southb. transit waiting time: 4 days/Neo, 2-5 days/Pan+, 6 days/Pan and 6 days/Small. Northb. transit waiting time: 2 days/Neo, 2-5 days/Pan+, 6 days/Pan and 6 days/Small.

Did you know the expanded recently reached the 10,000 transit milestone when the SK Resolute tanker, transporting LNG from the US to China, passed through? This was the SK Resolute’s 13th transit through the Expanded Canal since 2018.

Just in time for its anniversary week, the welcomed the SK Resolute LNG vessel yesterday, marking the 10,000th transit through the 's Neopanamax locks. This was the SK Resolute LNG vessel’s 13th transit through the Expanded Canal since 2018.

The has marked an epochal change twice: first on 15August 1914 when it united Atlantic and Pacific, second in 2016 when those 80km developed into a new waterway which opened the door to the future of global era ➡️

On this day in history August 10, 1977 US and Panamanian officials sign the Zone accord

When widening the in recent years, scientists found fossils that have completely upended the evolutionary timeline of New World monkeys.

If this keeps going the way is seems to be, the and will be out of business very soon.

Another week — another 💡 Did you know that the amount of used to build the was 6,600,000 m³? 👉

Who is the Owner of the Panama Canal? The Panama Canal is owned by Panama, a Central American country. It is a man-made waterway with a length of 48 miles and is currently managed and operated by the Panama Canal Authority.

What better way to experience the , a modern marvel of engineering, than on a ! Sail from the Pacific to the Atlantic (or vice versa) in modern luxury in a well appointed floating resort. 📷: Celebrity Cruise Line

Let us coordinate your transit while you enjoy an incredible show from nature during Seasonal Migrations of Contact us: [email protected]

Gatun Water Levels - Variable Fresh Water Surcharge for all transits that begin on Aug. 04, 2020: 1.74% *Only estimates and shall be used for references purposes only* Source:

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