We aren't reporting on the now because of the uprising, but is still making Americans sick and killing others. As of June 2: 1.9M have been diagnosed and Trump still has no plan for mass testing to reopen schools and businesses. And nearly 109k are dead.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Just worst. The tipped a long line of dominoes: social & econo inequalities, predatory capitalism, governance failure, anti- We're only in Chap1 of this Dickens novel.

In the midst of the & other storms - where is ? Maybe planning his trip to USA with the racist Trump. When he arrives back in the UK, will he be leading by example and quarantining?

You kill black people with impunity. You use a historic for a massive upward redistribution of wealth. You deny people healthcare. You deny people real relief as tens of millions lose their jobs. AND YOU EXPECT THEM TO STAY HOME AND SHUT UP?

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength - Arnold Schwarzenegger -19 Thanku mramc for this opportunity❤️

An important day in the World Calendar this week is . Perhaps now more significant than ever as this current serves as a reminder of the intimate relationship between humans, animals and the environment. 🌍

Daddy. Who is this man? What did he do during the -19 ? Ah son. That’s ⁦⁩ he helped oversee the destruction of the Scottish tourism and hospitality industry.

Watch this officer in Richmond, VA spits on a protestor during a global multiple times. People are getting arrested just for threatening to spread the , but I guess it doesnt apply to cops.

"A SHORT FILM BY ME" Today they might be , and impoverished, but they didn't give up. They are in this heat along the -16 with a hope that they'll meet their family and friends during this .

1) Montreal appeared to make its most significant progress to date in controlling the on Monday. The numbers are almost too good to be true. In this thread, I will try to explain why we should view the latest figures with a certain degree of skepticism.

Back in '96 I wrote an essay for arguing that emerging infectious diseases were national security threats. I just reread it, and am sickened by how many of the risks & frailties I outlined 24 yrs ago are still true.

The virtual reality the has moved us toward is the preparation for a more internal, integral society, an integral connection. In this new world, we’ll learn to connect above our differences, & create connections alongside engaging in business & livelihood activities.

Rioters outside . Man says in Mandarin Chinese, "Go, go, hurry up, leave quickly!" @SecPompeoinvestigate, you need to investigate what kind of a role is playing in this when and world want to hold CCP responsible for .

Solidarity for Pride season. With less corporate interest in a Pride, time to reclaim Pride & set our agendas. ✅ Fight for the rights of LGBT+ asylum in the UK & globally. ✅ Fight for those incarcerated in UK immigration detention centres including LGBT+. {[1/2]

Fixed It’s advisable for not to engage in Pak-India confrontation. If China becomes a nuisance neighbor attacking India through Terror using pak, the economic blow would be too much for the China economy to take amid .

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