Really enjoy making edits of festivals and shows I go to.. Really would like to get into it more. Let me know what you guys think! Show some love 🌈☀️

Drug busts : 38 drug dealers on 97 felonies. None were simple possession busts. Molly, LSD, shrooms, cocaine, steroid, ketamine, $ and 1 gun. Involved: , Moses Lake PD, Yakima city & county, Columbia River Drug Task Force, , Adams County, .

I have been the biggest fan since I found his music 3 years ago, but I haven't been able to see him and his performance in Seattle already sold out. He made a song with recently and he was at . This one hit my heart ❤️

The best part of for me wasn’t my favorite set but when asked “is it cool with you guys if I could play something off my new album” and the crowd lost their shit with support... Gawd damn I love the PNW

⚡️😱⚡️Thank you 💥🐨💥 Such a great atmosphere at this special place, it was great coming back here! 🙌🌈 Who is as excited as I am for the festival season?! Bring it on 🦎🕺🏻😈🕺🏻🌴

The homie and I were absolutely getting after it during set at

Like...wtf. , what you just did to and was unnatural, and I loved every moment of it. 😈🔥🦋

Washington!! I'm giving away my personal guest list spots to festival 🙌 Picking 3 lucky fans that text me and join my phone book from now until the weekend - goodluck! 📲 424-581-0272

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