OH SHIT!! Shannons first Road Raper!! Your on your own after this one woman!! I LUV U WOMAN!! #roadrunner

Well yeah it's #desertdriving with Tool Fear Inoculum on this clear #Fall day 🎃🌵#lovelife #Arizona

Had to get off the river for a few and in back of truck to next destination!! With Sammy and Jay!! #riverlife

by the looks of these photos.. I’m feeling like we are building quite the river rat 🤪😍💙 #parkeraz

This makes me so happy!! My truck is looking better and better!!! #chevycolorado #j&mtireshop #parkeraz

When you have to take the boat to breakfast...🤣🤣 #azlife #parkerstrip #parkeraz #roadrunner #roadraper

Happy Friday! With flu season upon us, we are offering our Premium: 1 Liter of hydration with anti-nausea

Ok fellas today's the day...Very proud to introduce you to my friend Sonne, she's a barber/hairstylist

When in Parker!! We find our neighbors and friends for life!! Luv u Sammy and Jay!! #parkerstrip #foxs

The new advertisement came out amazing. Thank you @inkwrap from Lake Havasu. #Wrap #Advertisement #Barber

November 4th - 27th we will be doing road re-construction and paving in the following areas. Please

TBT: Throwback to last years Parker Enduro. There was a lot of 💰up for grabs for the GN boats last

This stuff is amazing. Thank you #hempbombs . Get down here and freeze your pain away. We are at 820

Are you in pain? We can help you manage it. Toradol is used for the short-term treatment of moderate

Gregg’s 28’ Speedster twin @mercuryracing 600SCI XR ITS - Currently taking orders for Summer 2020

Did some prerunning for @arizonaraptorruns upcoming #parkerrun. Put a lot of miles in today. Sucks

This truck is looking good after it’s full detail 👌🏽🧽 .. .. #havasudetail #havasudetailing

Can you believe this babe is NINE months yesterday?! Good times in Parker with my River Rose and the

********Lake Havasu ********* 10.18 & 10.19- @flying_x_saloon_havasu 8:30pm-12:30pm let’s PARTY! *************************************************** #redneckrodeo

Congrats to Miss Audriana Mitchell of the Colorado River Indian Tribes for recently being named the

It was lazy Wednesday for some, I saw some river hooky going on today. Get back to work just kidding😁it's

Tennis Court, Bounce House, Clubhouse, Pool, or Jacuzzi... Where are you hanging out?

Vacuum infusion Process on this upcoming 2020 Carbon Kevlar 28’ Speedster - Currently taking orders

Connelly Wake Boards. They make you do awesome tricks. 😁 🏄‍♀️ #spankysrvandmarine #connellycollective

Go off the grid with portable solar power units. #spanksrvandmarine has it. 🌞 #zampsolar #solar

Weather is getting better and more and more sxs on the road here in #havasu get your tour or rental

Lipo-C is a custom formulated weight loss injection used to promote body fat reduction and preserve

I’m drooling over how pretty my clients lashes look in this picture 😘beautiful soul • • • • • •

Just got to make it through today then we’re off to our happy place!! #parkeraz #parkerstrip #foxsrvresort

The @mikevalentine78 28’ Fundeck Merc 565 XR ITS featuring our extended swim platform. - Currently

Did an acid wash and Shark hide on this boat! Turned out great 👌🏽🤩 .. .. #havasudetail #havasudetailing

Got Hey Daddy-o” wet for the first time in 15 years. She still has it!! Need to work out a few bugs

Fried ice cream, enough said 😋. We went to Maya's Mexican restaurant and OMG the food was unbelievable.

Boat’n has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember... My parents didn’t get off the

Sweet twin turbo 21’ Daytona at @gs_marine_inc - Use #eliminatorboatsdaily or tag us to be featured - DM

The Pogue 27’ Speedster twin 400R @cody_pogue88 - Currently taking orders for Summer 2020 delivery - DM

Hybrid eyelash extensions • Who is in need of afternoon/evening appointment?! DM me and let me know

@erschen6point0h 🔥 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #performanceboats

Took care of this dirty Georgetown today and cleaned up 3 other ones just as dirty at Crazy Horse 🙌🏽🙌🏽 .. ..

Wow glass with clouds on #LakeHavasu you don't see that everyday in the afternoon. With snowbird cutting

Week day glass 🙌 If you can swing it, week day stays are pretty amazing here! Link in bio. #parkeraz

What a better place to ride a 650 for the first time than in Parker where the guy who came up with them

When you and the bestie having a blast in Parker AZ #parkeraz #foxsfloatingbar #mybestie

Are you vibe’n the 2020, Love it? Need it? Leave it? What’s your thoughts... #G23 #2020 @nautiqueboats

27’ Speedster walk thru Merc 600sci - Currently taking orders for Summer 2020 delivery - DM for questions,

Congratulations to all the racers over this past week! We are grateful to spend time getting to know

The outcome wasn't what we wanted but we had a great time.. David is our #1.. #parkeraz

Out hiking some old mine trails today. * * If you like dogos #followus @gran_reino_dogos #hikingdogos

Real friends let friends borrow their toys an trust them. #crawler #flexnation #flexinonyuah #toyota