A largata disse que iria voar. Todos riram dela, menos as borboletas. Caminhe com quem ACREDITA em você!

Wish this sun was shining right now. But it’s not rained in about 7 weeks so I won’t complain. . . . . . #cigar

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Si chiama calma e mi costò molte tempeste. Si chiama calma e mi insegna a respirare, pensare e ripensare... Si

“Nella vita tutto, proprio tutto, ha un senso e anche le cose infinitesimali vanno prese in considerazione”

"If you don't wanna be down with me... You don't wanna pick from my #appletree" #erykahbadu #fruit #pleasingme

Storyde detaylarıyla paylaştığım bu videoyu izleminizi naçizane tavsiye ederim. Pazartesi’yi

Descansando,mas já já volto a correr e ainda tô duvidando alguém me alcançar !! 💪🤘✌️🖖🤙👊👂

Assalam-o-alaikum brothers and sisters!! Review time Here are some parathas from @whataparatha "Pizza

Happy #MintErrorMonday! Check out this huge strike thru on a 1923 Peace Dollar! This coin graded NGC

⠀⁣ Women and Mothers are the center and core of change and stability within global and local communities.

Be the Change you wish to see in the World....!! #Shahzada @hussaintallat12 Most Handsome man on Earth....!! #Respectable

Solace with nature... 🍁🍂🌞🎶🎵 #SWB #peace #solitude

Happy Equinox! 🌜☯️🌛 I hope you are feeling a sense of readiness and balance for the next quarter!

ADMIRATION; a quality you either possess or just don’t ! . . . . How many of you can say that you

Recanto São Camilo - Granja Viana/SP - parte 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #recantosaocamilo #recantosãocamilo

Off booze for a few days now - intuitively guided. I feel AMAAAZING - sooo much more energy & weirdly

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• -وما الدعاء إذاً ؟ =هو جسر الوصال بين الأحبة ؛ وهو سلاح

Maybe therapy can help you work on the things that drove you to drink or use...time to find out #depression

There is always something new out of Africa. Bigger thanks to speakmystudio for nurturing @minds_photography

Monday’s are my Sunday’s. Cool read for a Funday - @dawndiezwillis look familiar? Thanks, so many

🛵💨indonesian scooter festival #3 Video & edit : @tridiva.copz . . #indonesianscooterfestival

Perhaps the most iconic #waterfall in the #PNW. Definitely the most iconic in #Oregon. #MultnomahFalls

“To say that on a daily basis you can make a difference, well, you can. One act of kindness a day

And we love Asheville right back!!! 😉💙🌲💫🌎 #art #city #streetart #happy #smile #goodvibes

When we learn to live and love without boundaries or term and conditions things just fall into place.

I just wanted to say what other people think is none of my business at all ...! - me :) • • • • • • • • •#dont

Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins. - Ludwig Mies van der

Happy Monday everyone! Absolutely beautiful weather for last week am I right? Enjoy John Coleman’s

CONTEST/GIVEAWAY TIME!!! Contest #1 First person to guess correctly how many gallons of distilled water

2 can 1 vücut olmak galibâ At ile uyum.. Anlamak dinlemek ve bir olmak.Amacımız hükmetmek değil

Y cuando todo vaya mal, aún en las noches más oscuras y frías, sonríe, porque es una luz que no

🌿✨GIVEAWAY✨🌿 Queremos consentirte, entonces tenemos para ti este arreglo de planta de media

é a exceção da regra, é a filha do impossível é o cristal que não se quebra. ATÉ O AVESSO DA

Wow Wow Wow!! What a Beauty of a Day... On the Shores... of Cape Breton Island!! Lots of Rare finds...

Lol 😂 let’s play a game on my Instastory predict the 5 housemates #frodd is putting up for possible

Man kann zwar kein neues Leben beginnen , aber jeden Morgen einen neuen Tag. Alhamdulillah für heute.

Great start to this week & the first day of Fall!! Morning espresso!! • Let’s kick some ass or take

O segredo da paz mundial, é todo mundo cuidar da sua vida!🎭 . . . . . #praia #neworleans #mcz #Maceió

As the heavens are higher than the earth,so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your

आकर देखो उस पौधे पर फूल आया है ! 🌸 #gulzar #poetry