Just look at that trio! Bike, beer, fajita burger! Think I’ve burned enough for that beer 🍺 😊 @ Rossi's Regime Fitness

Although in lockdown all of us at Mwft has not stopped training and helping people reach their potential please welcome to the team crina big leg session tonight n she smashed it 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Coach Quibs makes me look like I have never worked out a single day in my life 😂🦁

To improve your speed and the rate at which your body produces force to perform physical activity is paramount. Therefore,working on olympic lifts as per your ability will enable you to add another strong string to your bow and athletic qualities#strengthtraining

One of the advantages of being a is you get to learn all the quiet social distancing tracks for family walks😀

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