Today’s poem is ‘You’re Not Black’ by Amy Saunders. She wrote the poem when she was just 13 and it was one of thso top 15 winners of the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2019.

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Hollywood replaced the Church & TV became our Altar The Saints are violent vigilantes dispensing justice They do no wrong They confess nothing & never confront the consequences This is the role model that is preached 24/7 across this static land

Yes I look different to you I am not white I am not blonde If a bolt hits me I too will feel pain Indeed, we in The very same O2

Flowing freely The stream of Liquid energy Embrace change The tides of Wavy gravity Submerge into The lake of Dark greenery You are water The shape of Earth softly Moving

I relish in simplicity Birdsong in the morning A smile to warm my day Sweet daisies in my garden Leaves that swoosh & sway ‘Tis dear nature’s heartbeat All that I do love With you I feel them stronger My Soul you do complete ©️Tereza Gillespie 2020

I often read this poem to young children. Perhaps some adults need to go back to basics, too.

Light in silent waves dims & fades across a Summer sky From the woods I hear the cries of early night The undergrowth alive with bustling hungry foragers A hidden world vibrant & awake beneath the falling darkness ©️Tereza Gillespie 2020 📸

I know I'm of ancient Moon origin An eclipse Who only crosses this area Leaving a shudder behind

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