It's here at Chantarelle's Notebook, so check out these three poems by Laura Ingram, and send us a submission while you're there!

MDP is happy to announce an addition to our micro-chapbook series: "Seedling" by will arrive in July! Congrats to Alana!

Don't forget to pick up 's micro-chapbook and pay whatever you want for it! (Psst, that means FREE, too.) Also, check out our other micro-chaps and print chapbooks while you're there!

Every day a for the next 21 days love -love 6) Fearlessly in Love @author_margarethstewart poems available at @author_margarethstewart @poetrydaily365

Oh first graders are so precious. We learned a new poem and put it in our personal readers this week. ❤️

L. Lamar Wilson will be reading with Tsitsi Jaji this THURSDAY at 7 PM so be sure to stop by!

So excited about publishing my poem "No Darkness Here (An Ode to Metal Music)" in their latest podcast! You can listen to me read the poem and explain what inspired it here. 👩‍🎤🎸🎶❤️

Previous BOP sample by There, between only but plenty and nothing but more than, was you, the very all— YOU. YOU. YOU. ______________________________

Happy almost-the-weekend! What's new here? We're figuring out our Pushcart nominations!

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