Really sad that has been taken off, was a brilliant platform for to create magnificent sets out of people's products. Picture: My wife was mix & matching our products catalog to create fashion sets. She won many contests, it was an amazing experience.

Like my look? Tag someone who would wear it. - Created the set Mother’s Day Gifts on .

Who I need to speak to for them to bring back

I use Lookbook since there is no more and it’s just not the same I can’t

We’re pinning our latest designs and fashionable finds. Of course there are discounts. Take 50% off. All these pieces are available through our on . .

These are a couple of fashion sets that we pulled up from our archive of looks we created with our jewelry pieces back when we were members of the former styling website

Created the set Original By Robert Jewelry Set on . via @https://www.fashmates.com/looks-detail/5bdba177bab98931312e0a63-1573700780567?ref=martinimermaid1

Created the set Comfy Fall Fashion on . via @https://www.fashmates.com/looks-detail/5ba033c6b27aee7e21fc46f6-1573793116011?ref=bethany-ransom1

Created the set New Marketplace -- Brooches on . via @https://www.fashmates.com/looks-detail/5bdc90d458053c1d0db0a983-1573392630917?ref=thejewelseeker1

Created the set Vintage Holiday Home Decor at 21 Vintage Street on . via @https://www.fashmates.com/looks-detail/5bdbaf8c0bf7054c257b5cb8-1573333273135?ref=deni-boardman1

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