None of these uber talented actresses got a single Emmy nomination. What a massive snub! Sab yaad rakha jayega

"I passed on the audition originally for 'Pose', which was to audition for Blanca or Elektra, and so between those two characters, I didn't see myself in either of the characters, especially with Blanca, I felt that it was written for a Latina trans woman." -Angelica Ross

The transphobia and misogyny are so obvious. If you were going to nominate anyone else in for ANYTHING at all it should’ve been one of these talented legendary women A show made for AND around transphobia against black women and you decide to nominate the gay man?

So you’re telling me that NONE of the trans women on got an emmy nomination??? Surprise surprise...

Yet another reminder that no matter how hard we fight for diversity, we still have a long way to go to reach inclusivity... Pose should’ve been nominated, all of these beautiful black trans women should’ve been nominated because they were the heart of the show!

A year ago, wrote about how Mj Rodriguez, Indya Moore, and all the trans actors of deserve more recognition for being the show's beating hearts, so here it is again

Another year of the women of being blatantly snubbed at the . Do better.

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