Setiap orang mempunyai hak untuk menjaga privasinya. Tidak ada seorang pun yang boleh diganggu urusan

"Big news - Court of Justice of the European Union's press release means a big shake up for tracking

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Lucky John Connor was practicing good security practices. What would have happened if he wasn't using

Imagine not seeing the same digital ad 1,000 times or having it follow you around from site to site.

This should impact a significant number of website ... but expect more annoying privacy pop-ups https://techcrunch.com/2019/10/01/europes-top-court-says-active-consent-is-needed-for-tracking-cookies/ _ _.

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Good call Dr Phil. The guys at Chrome need to clear their heads, get some manual labour, and think about

The internet, cell phones and social media have gone a long way in making our lives easier and more

😂 Saying you're fixing privacy and actually taking meaningful steps to do so are different things.

"We're calling this move privacy gaslighting, because it’s an attempt to persuade users and policymakers

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They're launching an investigation into Facebook to determine whether their actions endangered consumer

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To put it another way, is it ok to be tracked and targeted as long as your identity remains protected?

There are a ton of people who have been battling to protect consumer privacy and internet privacy. The

Will they find increasingly invasive ways around this block, or will they begin to respect existing

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This is according to a recent blog post from the director of Chrome Engineering Justin Schuh which you

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"This was the ID number used by AppNexus to track a NYT journalist across multiple sites. You have multiple

Everyone has a right to privacy. Violation of their privacy is unacceptable. #privacy #invasionofprivacy

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The internet would be a lot cooler if you did. There are lots of ways to protect your privacy online

"Deloitte thinks so. This report highlights how consumer trust can give a company an edge over a competitor...

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Credit to from @glimpseprotocol (@get_regrann) - As Vice reports: Microsoft has updated its privacy

As Vice reports: Microsoft has updated its privacy policy and other online pages to explicitly state

Ultrasonic cross-device tracking works by emitting high-frequency tones in advertisements and billboards,

Nayantara Ranganathan part of the team that built Ad Watch - a tool for tracking how Facebook has been

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"That's what would be paid out if all of the 147 million North Americans impacted by the Equifax hack

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Arstechnica reports: ""The bucket for paying out cash-alternative claims is capped at $31 million⁠⁠—about

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This is an example of the increasingly complex and sophisticated use of your data. Oh, and you've likely

Answer: Clothing company Poshmark after a recent hack. Another example of how centralised storage of

We suspect that, even if you do ask, you'll get a partially complete answer. We are not convinced that

"No. They didn't need to ask. They've got this data already. The EFF goes on to describe the repercussions

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Ts and Cs can feel like a saga and often are. That's why no one reads them. But should consumers be

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'Surveillance scores' is the shadowy, but widely adopted practice of using computer algorithms that,

Yup, in 2017, Congress voted to allow internet companies the ability to sell your browsing data. Governments

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"Customer value scores, such as those used by major retailers like Walmart, enable retailers to render

And let’s go with the policy “if you see or hear something about anyone who is or was in my life....DO

No - not always. That's thanks to a system called 'surveillance scores' the shadowy, but widely adopted

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"Are we supposed to believe this?: ""F4cebook says it will not utilize the photo data until it receives

The asymmetry of data privacy is one signal that the current status quo is not acceptable. If you are

"A report into the efficacy of online profiles created by data brokers. Pretty poor ROI for brands.

"According to one report, male consumers were only able to be accurately identified 50% of the time.

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