Privacy is power, what people don't know they can't ruin, or interfere. Not everybody that's in your corner is on your team.💯

What people don’t know, they can’t ruin..

So bloggers with their aproko cannot unveil who Alex is dating?

Da key of having a successful relationship stop telling yo bizness to mfs dawg that goes for da ppl u close to dey’ll cross you out wen it’s said and done !

Reminder: Just bc it’s not being posted doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

I could be homeless, carless, jobless, heart broken like a mf & depressed BUT YOU’D NEVER KNOW BC IM PRIVATE. I Don’t have time for negative vibes & nosy ppl.

Sometimes you block your own blessing by telling everyone your business.

. explains challenges to understanding problems from the culture and context of

People don't realise-bad or good-how much they inspire me and are basically helping without even knowing it 😘 🎼

Should've joined instead of Ashley Madison. Our members aren't worried about their partners finding out

you stupid females need to stop bashing your man when you guys fight, cause when you guys get back together you look pathetic

My biggest turn off is if a girl talks about your relationship problems via social media or with people. 🔐🔑🔒

Don't know why people advertise who they have started talking to, worst thing you could do☝️

ppl think they know me & my life b'cause social networks... umm no, you don't know the half of it. TAKE A SEAT.

Never make your relationship a public one

I could never be with a guy that feels the need to tell or show his friends all our texts and conversations..

The less you reveal the more they can wonder....

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