Re-sharing a (admittedly much further worked up than a sketch normally is) from the Core Set - . I'm still rather fond of this one. Sneaky little ...

Yep. The entire OODA Loop of my decision making is explained, in detail, in this morning's Early Look

So much doubt, hate & envy but it’s all fuel to the fire..😤 I won’t stop workin til my legs do!

Nothing to take this morning. Was disciplined enough to sit tight. Figured change of scenery was in order.

Cited a great book for those of you looking to evolve in this or any profession The MVP Machine

Can’t go get new paint.. cut open, scrape out the innards. My mom used to say: make do.

🚨 🔊⬆️ 2022 Outie doing work! Super proud of this kid for putting in work to get her swing down and not just be a slapper! The 💡 starting to go off! Keep grinding kiddo!🚨

My sketches aren’t crazy messy but I thought I’d share some of my process...here’s the Creek knight statue in action. Definitely wanna develop a story around them !

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