The weathervane is moving in ; and, we're shipping out , elbows and curbs, keeping heading strong toward the weekend!

Excerpt from our last shoot with Pulsing Inc. bonnenuitproductions

Am I the only one who uses Spotify for background music during Zoom meetings?

Price today in one of the supermarkets. Rtgs 309.00/ KG Yield =8ton+/Ha. Selling price= 154.00 Revenue=1 232 000 Pdn costs= 665 000 Gross profit=567 000 Value addition: crushed garlic. should be driven NB: Start small even with a 100 by 100 plot

#https://www.facebook.com/112735830193142/posts/172829120850479?d=n&sfns=mo. must be reduced now !

Thanks to partners like , our transports are rolling reliably. Every week, three block trains travel between our plants and our plants supplying essential materials throughout Europe.

Don't stop your just because your primary sourcing channel is affected by . Rather, stay prepared with the ability to access alternate certified suppliers using BatchMaster ERP.

Our students may be working remotely, but they are working hard! Term 2 & 3 students have just a few weeks left on the current project. Here is a little teaser of their work in progress. Recognize it?

I must say that I am blown away by the quality of the acting Ive seen through showreelshareday. Very good quality ptoductions too. Grand

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