Post workout meal: basmati rice, lentils, and peas. I started adding tofu to my meals to increase my intake. I'm trying to add on some muscle!

well done, you made it through nine days! How did it go? To continue on your journey Don't forget to drink your protein! It contributes to the growth and upkeep of muscle mass.

OZiva Protein & Herbs, Cafe Mocha provides CLEAN PROTEIN to keep your body fit. Plus, it improves metabolism, helps in maintaining Hormonal Balance, Supports Healthy Skin & Hair that makes it ALL-IN-ONE healthy supplement -

Seabuckthorn Wellsash Juice with Seabuckthorn seed oil provides natural source of Iron, Calcium Viamins and Omegas. 21 Amino acids help in protein synthesis.

Indulge in chocolate on World Chocolate Day without compromising on your health with the immunity boosting GRD – The Superior Protein.​ ​

Are you STILL concerned about where get their ? Keep calm and vegan on!

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