After weeks of behind the scenes prep, I was finally able to bring the Kensington Market back out for the 15th season!! Check it out next time you’re shopping for essentials in the market.

"The confinement of mandatory lockdown offers an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their use of public space." : of LSE Cities, & reflect on the potential impacts of on in Kuwait.

Join us next week for an afternoon screening of one of our favorite films about : Watch Party: “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces" Thursday, May 14, 2020 • 12:00–12:59pm (ET) 🍿Register now: .

I love this parklet from Austria and - the police said no. Only vehicles could be in a parking spot. So they put wheels on the parklet. Presto. System hacked.

Yes! Let's expand patios, and reclaim roadways for public & social space! With a priority on ensuring they don't block accessible paths of travel.

. telling people to on a 75-degree day is like teaching abstinence-only sex-ed. Solve the problem and provide more space for people and less for cars!

Will history repeat itself? I hope so. More green space. "How Pandemics Spurred Cities to Make More Green Space for People." Article updated from 4/27.

Brussels upgraded : put a barrier and you get a Central Park instead of a highway. How could you not want this for ever? 🏃🏻‍♀️🚲🌳

"Right now, we need lots of simple, “unsexy” local spaces that people can get to easily — but not too many people, and we don’t want them to stay too long. It’s turned our usual definition of success on its head." - on providing during the pandemic.

“Joggers have become sort of the new cyclists. It used to be 'We hate the bicyclists,’ and now it's 'We hate the joggers.' When in fact, we're all just fighting over crumbs when the whole loaf goes to the drivers." Streets are , 1/4 of city’s area! Belong to ALL.

will leave a mark on cities, physically & socially, that will echo for generations. The lessons we learn now will teach leaders how to disaster proof our future. How will affect urban planning?

We need every to address this crisis. The WA State Convention Center is a public asset - it should serve the under , NOT be used as a WAREHOUSE for ! Use the bldg for making food or shelter, not corporate profits

On my first visit to Dandora, I saw a rubbish dump and could smell the methane gas. Today, it's an improved space with trees and upcycled play sets for children. It truly is a marvellous achievement.

Placemaking in Nairobi has given youth groups an opportunity to participate, clean up and beautify shared spaces in their communities. We love these seats made from upcycled tires in Dandora.

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