We're having an on with Ms. Rojika Pokhrel, TV presenter at Nepal Television Plus.

Yesterday, we had a great time with the legendary Queen of the M.I.C . Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of experience with us.

Your audience will not remember what you say, but what they see in their minds. Tell stories. What is your story?

Back by popular demand! 😄 How to Create a Profitable Speaking and Retreat Business, a 2-PART VIRTUAL EVENT - June 23rd (part 1) AND June 30th (part 2). ⭐ REGISTER >>> <<<

Public Speaking Tip:- We relate to stories far better than concepts. Connect at a deeper level with an audience by including personal stories & experiences appropriate for the occasion & subject to help explain the point being made in your speech.

We are only born with two fears; the fear of falling and fear of noise. When and how did you pick the fear of ?

If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives. How would you influence an

If you missed 's on overcoming students' fear of public speaking, catch the thread below. Packed with practical advice and discussion

How the UK can get ready for what comes after ? Education, education, education. But while the politicians figure it out, you can start preparing yourself by sharpening your skills It can be matter of losing or keeping your job.

“We persistently found that people perceive otherwise identical performers or speakers to be less authentic after seeing them say the same thing twice”

ONLINE PUBLIC SPEAKING Delighted to have Meg back teaching our summer online public speaking program starting on the 9th June at 6pm via Zoom. Meg an accomplished actor and vocal coach, she has performed in both The UK and Ireland.

We're back! Only to a degree, though. Four of us are meeting fortnightly on Zoom to keep things ticking over for when we get back for real - but when will that be?

Thought of the day Did you know: Adrenaline is excreted when you are scared or excited. Overcoming the fear of can be overwhelming. Keep in mind: The feeling of fear and excitement are all the same. The difference is the perception.

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