It’s gonna be a great night, gotta earn it!birthday month! . . #michaelsantiagoacts #fuerzapuertorriqueño

A goal is not always meant to be reached, but it definitely serves as something to aim at, while doing

For our LATINO PEOPLE! We are with you now and forever. . . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot #modeling

Para el Pueblo LATINO! Estamos contigo ahora y siempre. . . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot #modeling

GET YOUR TICKETS! . #repost @sixxking ・・・ The most anticipated film of the year “Once Upon A

This is a very big deal for a lot of reasons, you really need to pay attention to this film. it’s

Here’s a little sizzle for ya! Thanks to Nate over at demoreel.com for cutting this for me 🥰 #actor

Sometimes is about risking it all for a dream no one else see but you. Algunas veces se trata de arriesgar

She gave me life, she thought me love... I am a better man because of her. Ella me dio la vida, ella

Behind enemy lines, in the heart of the hipster stronghold. . . #michaelsantiagoacts #headshot #modeling

BEDTIME STORY: Dreams Do Come True I sat on my couch tonight listening to a prayer... My heart was

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction can become the biggest step in your life. A veces

Opportunities don't happen, you create them. Remember... your tomorrow depends on what you do today. Las

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve... I finally get the chance to be in front

Progress takes time, and you may not realize, but daily consistency and commitment is the only thing

“Monday mornings are the start to you working towards your Dreams!” . Wait, did i just use an inspirational

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Дождь пошёл в бассейне только русские 🤘🤘🤘#miami

Плевать я хотел на чёрные и белые полосы жизни. Я иду по

Happy 3rd Birthday to the boy who owns my heart 💛 Being your godmother is one of the biggest blessings

Congratulations to Breakin Through Acting Workshop Alum Johnse Allende Jr. @johnsejr on his recent booking.

I am not perfect and I'm thankful for it, because my imperfection (1) gives meaning to my life, (2)

The Five P’s Homie! . Proper preparation prevents poor performance! . . #michaelsantiagoacts #mealprep

My face when the mean girl at preschool asks me where I’m hiding my pet worm. Pry him from my cold,

After weeks of taking care of weapons at @mainestatemusic , it’s nice to give some love to my babies! #fightchoreographer

Had a blast working with composer Chris Hajian on a new documentary by executive producer and actor

Once again, it’s time to say good bye (or hopefully, see you later) to this amazing show. Thank you

Last week of Treasure Island at @mainestatemusic ! What a ride it’s been, I’m grateful for having

Follow Your Passion - Part 3 of 3: Following your passion is terrifying, but a life without love and

Follow Your Passion - Part 2 of 3: One thing to remember though... there is also nothing logical about

Follow Your Passion - Part 1 of 3: Many find their passion, but few follow it. I mean, that would seem

If you want to win a battle, you just have to do one thing: your mind has to direct your body. Never

EVEN WITH MY BATTLE SCARS, IM STILL FIERCE. This pic was taken about 2 yrs before I moved to Cali. I

If u woke up today without a goal, then stay up thinking of what your goals will be. Don't go back to

Honored to be part of the panel for @mainestatemusic Peek Behind the Curtain at Curtis Memorial Library

The various experiences we face throughout our lives make us unique... Today is a new experience...

And remember... Smolder! Lol kidding obviously, but enjoy the new HEADSHOT 😎 . . 📸: @tregs11 👈🏼🔥🔥🔥 #michaelsantiagoacts

Be one of those rare people who don't know how to quit. Se una de esas personas raras que no conocen

Thanks @6abcactionnews for the opportunity to talk to you about this great event for the pups! . . #michaelsantiagoacts

If you are searching for the person who can change your life, just look into a mirror. Si estas buscando

Be warned: if you do a shoot for @purple, you may end up hating your current mattress. 😭#notsponsored

First time on the cover of a newspaper! Thanks to my incredible partner, @jimmyp5287 ! Come catch some

ES | Este es mi amigo del high school Joe Baylana (@acetheactor) quien se tomó parte de su tiempo libre


Is everyone ready for Opening Night of Treasure Island @mainestatemusic ? Us pirates certainly are! #mainestatemusictheatre

Clip from an upcoming film i was in called “The Drop”. Coming soon!! 🎥🎬 . #michaelsantiagoacts

Getting ready for “first paid performance” @mainestatemusic with @rayhuth for Treasure Island! Who