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Моя работа помогает мне жить и двигаться дальше,несмотря

💐You see this woman... I fought to become her!! I worked hard to grow, heal, and mature her. I absolutely

On Jan. 2, 1984, Oprah Winfrey debuted as host of "AM Chicago" on WLS-TV. In less than a year, the show

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Today I decided to post a photo edit ‘cuzzzz... I don’t know, I just spontaneously made it and here

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Looks like Lieutenant Connix will have brunette hair and a different hairstyle in The Rise Of Skywalker

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#Repost @kemeticscience • • • • • • Grand Rising Family. Our Women are not of our equal.

⚠️Hey Babes!! I Uploaded A Video On My Youtube Channel Speaking About My First Discrimination Experience

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This is not the best photo, but this is me wearing some legendary pearls - originally strung in a longer

YASSSS QUEEN!!! Only one thing: she said album 1-5 am I missing something??

is writing.. ✎ . «I am tired of people who always blame their misfortunes on the backs of others,

🗣DO YOU! Stop worrying about what other people think. Put your happiness first and fulfill your heart’s

this is a repost of some of us angels👼🏼 we love you very much loren and we are so thankful for

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NOSSA SENHORA RAINHA: 22 de Agosto é a Data em que a Igreja Católica, no mundo inteiro, recorda o

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"Ella no es peligrosa por saber lo q quiere, lo es por saber lo q vale"🗝️ . . . #summer #love #happy

When Monday calls. 😝 . . I’ve been busy taking care of personal and professional business but I’ve