EVERYBODY EATS🌵🌷More people in AZ hip hop should study up on this concept👀🗣IF ANYONE WANTS

Happy freaking birthday to one of my favourite people/youth workers EVER!!! Looking back on all these

Living legend #rakim bless us in Philly with his presence and kicked a lot of classic hits today was

Just a little #dicemoves #motivation for yall before I get back in the studio! 🎲🏃💪 KEEP PUSHING

Wow, the Marcus Garvey Festival was awesome, thanks in large part to @theaachc .The "Spirit of Oneness"

Selbstreflexion. 📷 @janoschkme Entstanden am ersten Drehtag zu "Antipop" (Link in der Bio zu finden).

Let 'em know that you're REALITERATE so the Fakes won't feel comfortable enough around you to waste

Mauna Mana up at Mount Charleston today. A little under 7 miles at 9000 feet elevation took me about

Big shout out to the OG @boogstar for coming thru and Blessing the Shop!!!💯💯💰☠️💰 @rickap22_

Nothing in life is what it appears to be, sometimes brothers dont come in the form of family but in

Round 2 is about to go down & you're still not with me - seriously fuckin up. #WISHyouWereHERE #YoureGonnaMissMEwhenImGone #REALrecognizeREAL Keep

"Abusing Drugs To Forget About My Past My Dawg @jefe_bluntana Done Did Again Bro Be Coming Back 2 Back

I’m not the one you wanna handle funny 🤗 #realrecognizereal

When ya baby father ain’t shittt 😫 Get that money sis !! @uziii.lee ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Repost from @sam.ovens using @RepostRegramApp - Do you know the difference between REAL and FAKE entrepreneurs?

#BEASTCOAST 08/04 Truly a Life changing day and Event!! 🔥🔥🙏🏾 Sssooo Grateful for the Extended

New visual just dropped y’all go check that out ❗️❗️ #thegoat #wedothis #realshit #realrecognizereal

2 Jungs - 1 Story!! Was für ein schöner Moment wenn man fühlt das jemand 100% echt ist!! #liveiswhatyoumakeit

These haters on my body gotta shake 'em off 💫 • • #femaledjsrock #studdaddy #newyork #problemsolving

**NFS** Tom Green Original Concept card, beautifully signed in gold! 2nd original concept card in the

🌞 She remembered who God said she was. He said it was a work of art. She did the work, and it was

🌞 She remembered who God said she was. He said it was a work of art. She did the work, and it was

Sometimes you just gotta go farther than your competition just so the customers know a REAL difference

#ijs #icant 🤦‍♀️y’all wanna celebrate and be ride or die when you see them UP then go #ghost

You can do you, now watch me do me just like this with #nofuvksgiven so enjoy yourself ✌🏾 #Allgasnobrakes

I don't wait for the world to recognize my greatness. I live it and let the world catch up to me!!! #realrecognizereal

If you want something real, stop entertaining temporary people. 💎 #PointBlank #RealRecognizeReal

Mood:/{Hypnagogic;Reckless} 👽 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #unlimitedbeingunlimited #realrecognizereal

PLEASE READ ENTIRETY, WE NEED TO STOP THIS MADNESS!!! #thatpart #realrecognizereal #thatsthatrealshit

It's hard to come by but when you do cherish that shit!!! #thatpart #realrecognizereal #thatsthatrealshit

Read this and make sure you try to understand what it's saying. #thatpart #realrecognizereal #livelaughlove

Supernatural Hood Classic 🎶 @therealconspiracyproductions - 🔥🔥🔥 🌠🌠 👤 #hiphop #rap

"Throw Yo Tri Up" (Texas A&M Tri Delta Remix) @karenj_424 @lynseyawakeland @virginia_hoffmann 🌹👑🤗💯👌💖🎤🐬

I've gotten so much love & support from each and every one of you!!! THE 💜 IS AMAZING!! Thank you

Growing up around negative influences can effect all of us, It’s up to US to decide whether we give