Down on the rocks outside with a picnic when a pod of bottle nosed dolphins arrived with Dolly coming in close to the 😳😳😳Only on the coast of on a day.

when travelling brings you to rocky but peaceful shores... it calms both mind & soul

Karlsbad Sprudelstein is an unusual sedimentary rock with "oolites" made of the carbonate aragonite. It is just fantastic under the microscope. Sample provided by Axel Munnecke.

The name generator named this rock Monna. Some of my rocks have these weird white spots??? Don’t really know what that’s all about but it’s cool I guess

According to the name generator, this rock’s name is Sullivan. He’s weirdly spotty in a way I’ve never seen and super cool! If you know what kind of rock he is feel free to say it in the comments!

According to my name generator, this rock’s name is Erma. I’m pretty sure Erma is a big piece of coal but feel free to let me know in the comments!

⬛️Always tryin' to put me down Did ya think that I would drown Whatever makes your world go round It's just sticks & stones but you'll never stop me Doesn't matter how much you try You can't touch what I got inside I'll rise above it every time ⬛️◼️◾️▪️ Kim Wilde Game Over

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