OMG , just now I came to know that I love PINK 💗too 😂😌, that too coz of 😛 Mine all time fab pic Papa - Pink 💗 And after that pic I like this photoshoot pic - that too pink 😛 And recent addictz -Pink 😶😂

We can see in this photoshoot pics too , I mean see her reaction😘😍 akka lived in the character ❤️😘 🐧

watched just now.Really amazing 😍.A mother's hope for the good of her children never dies❣️🎭 Happy to share that my name is . Terrific performances especially & . Big congratulations whole team💯

Emotionaly Connected💔 loved ur script 😍 Thrilling bgm👌 And last your performance 🔥 Remembered those days 😁😍 n remembered 😂 Climax lo chala yedipinchav papa Can't stop my tears at last😢

Before 's league of gentlemen, there was Arjun's Karthik sir, created by Vasanth. If you're a shy male struggling to start a small talk with your girl... Stop whatever you are doing, just go watch on K Tv and learn from the expert!😎

‘Songs’ you mean ?? All tracks on my unreleased body of work be damn crazy !!! I fall in love with them over and over again at each listen! And I’m sure it’ll be the worlds favourite when it drops!! Can’t wait to share.. &Vibe 💯💯🔊🔊❤️❤️!!

It is trying times for us all, and right now mindset is crucial. Are we stuck at home or safe at home?

Another solid shooting game last night for Vinny - 14 points-3 assists, 2 rebounds , 1 block and a steal before he sat out for the complete 4th quarter .

To end the year in and , presenting to you the from shot in 🇫🇷 and released yesterday. is happy to be associated, especially in facilitating this trip.

I've finished the sliding mechanic for my game! It was much easier than I expected and the results are almost perfect! :D

u Dey listen u dey come spoil the beat oh of the gods🔥🔥🔥👍

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