Been playing with , my bday totals 17/04-14-80, my oldest 08-05-08=21, middle 01-11-11=5, youngest 12-04-14=30.. some good numbers in there.....

The White House was desparate for a victory lap JOB#s .. meanwhile .. Covid are growing ? Wut?

Hospitals receive more money from insurance co. if patient is COVID +. Wouldnt be doing more for NV haveing task force ensure hospitals are accurately reporting the and Docs are correctly diagnosing confirming no insurance fraud & accurate . Nope, snitch lines!!!

There was a desperate-for-good-news quality to 's touting of the US job this morning. He avoided recognizing resurgence of the virus and wrapped himself in the stock market's applause. (NeverNeverland Dow was up 450 pts.) Here is Trump's approval rating:

these represent inflation created by destroying middle class who r the lifeblood of USA. Destroying 1 job requiring a degree just to hire 3 less qualified workers 4 the same pay as the job destroyed by these 'skills=degree' mental fallacy is slavery&communism

Ok contact trace me when you contact trace protesters! up bc allowed large groups! And Looters!

Some from University of Montana: Bullock (D) - 47% Daines (R) - 43% Rosendale (R) - 45% Williams (D) - 37% Gianforte (R) - 46% Cooney (D) - 36%

I keep seeing articles that "Wall Street" is projecting 60-70k deliveries for Tesla, with Low estimates in the mid 30s (!) . Yet every single paper I've read has Tesla deliveries in the 80s range. Who are these analysts that are predicting this low? Can anyone find a source?

TRUMP'S poll are in the toilet . Never seen that small for a pres.

Carpe diem, enterprises ... Learn from your peers who have already embarked on their /4HANA journey. Ekrem Hatip, Ranjit Rao and share lessons from the front lines on

Quit all the intoxicants and vices, live the life of a human being. Let the civilised society also live in peace. - Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Grown ass adults incited physical violence against kids who showed up to counter a racist Blue Lives Matter “protest” in Gustine. Blast these phone and demand justice: City Hall 209-854-6471 GPD 209-854-3737 (who are currently doing NOTHING to hold the ppl accountable)

Due to rising covid I’ve decided to extend my hiatus until September. I will however still be available virtually with proper notice! 🥰 A HUGE Ty to those who have made it possible for me to take this time off & pursue other goals! You know who you are! Feeling so blessed! ❤️

Trump's DHS admits Congress allows Fortune 500 CEOs to keep 600,000 (mostly semi-skilled) foreign graduates in US jobs. Other pipelines push the above 1.3M, not counting many white-collar illegals. Of course salaries are stagnant & stocks are high

Let’s be real, only BTS get their views deleted and YT will continue to do so. They don’t care how many times we’ve called them out, how many we’ve trended, how iffy they come off. At this point we can just do our best up against their tricks.

Contaminated test, or just fudging the

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