Day whatever of quarantine and the kids have resorted to making me their classmate to ease the grading curve 馃槢

When it鈥檚 my day on the rota , I dress I work clothes . This is not to set some great impression merely to serve as a reminder that if I keep eating my body weight in chocolate hob nobs I will require a new wardrobe upon our return to

馃ぃwhen I was 5 years old the newspaper took a pic of me an two classmates. Idk why 馃ぃ... it been a minute.

I'm listening to the messages about children and couldn't agree more that we need to do MORE. I spent 20 years growing up on a estate with nothing and without access to I would have lost out. Can't have that happening to children - Plans underway!

life馃槀 Teacher:nobody will bring any food or snack in my class room. Me and my seat mate:馃憞馃憞 馃槀馃槀馃槀

I feel bad for the families that can't afford internet service for their kids to complete and submit school assignments. This is reality for lots of families, free internet should mandatory if the government wants everyone to access it.

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