Still recovering from my big operation (3 weeks on Monday). I can鈥檛 sit up for long so I鈥檓 not up to painting yet but taught myself to crochet and I am obsessed!

Having a pretty rubbish couple of days, health-wise. I'm getting better at recognising patterns - a busy few days always means more pain, more fatigue and more depression afterwards. Today I'm working from home, from bed, from underneath the cat.

Find you a man who when he finds out that the reason you poo poo romantic gestures is because you don't think anyone will ever want to make them for you, sneaks to the workshop and whittles you an engagement ring

Endo life. Hugs to my today. I thought about you all and sent my love out into the universe while I was battling in the kitchen. Trying to cook surfing the waves of nausea鈥

and ...you might be my hero! Hey read this and forward it to . This is an important tale of tenacity.

I've got a piece in the latest newsletter. Very personal story about my journey with Endometriosis. Subscribe to read!

For those of you that don鈥檛 follow me on Instagram, I鈥檇 like my message received by you as well 馃帡馃挍

Wishing a very grateful as I鈥檓 I hospital recovering from laparoscopic surgery. Every single nurse and doctor I鈥檝e met over the last 24 hours has been amazing.

There is so much strength in coming together, in giving face and voice to the lottery of genes that put us all on this path.

One of the best female artists out there + my reminder to keep pushing even when I don鈥檛 feel good

The Power of Good and Silly things. One of the biggest questions I get asked by

I found a new mascot 馃槏馃挄 Vintage 50's nurse doll! Sick Girls club first aid kits鈥

I saw a really cute illustration somebody did of me holding my own heart on Instagram & poof it's gone! 鉂わ笍

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