🐝🐝This shop was buzzing today🐝🐝🐝. Nice to see everyone showing support for their local tattoo shop. This is Southgate tattoos restocking with two cases of Brannigans Tattoo Care. Space

He: "Hilda, you're the only woman I know who can build a fire, make coffee, and cut a fishing hole all while wearing ice skates." 1940 Nash.

And yes, the photo book (by Hochi Shimbunsha) is still in stock. But only a few left. Check it out fast if you haven't. Yuzuru Hanyu 2019-2020 This book (29.7cm square) has 164 pages, consisting of over 200 photos of him.

This Is Insanity🤯😱 (Y’all Need To Retweet This)🚨😧 (Skater: Vanyapalchik)

Can You Name This Trick??🤔🛹 •(Comment Below)⬇️ •(Skater: claykreiner)

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