You can cut the cord & use TV (it was the first live TV streaming service) $30/month 30+/50+ channels. But what is it?

So, half a hour notice and then removes all the channels I watch 🤨 then they charge my next billing cycle. I mean, can you get more than that? Time to find a better service then, I’m looking at you 🙂

No thanks on your 30% price increase for a few extra channels nobody wants. You’re just another cable company now. Good luck with that. Okay and ...who wants my money?

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Really I can’t watch live on because you only show the west coast feed?! This 14 day free trial is off to a bad start. Any alternatives out there that actually show live programming? ?

taunts with a 1 year price lock guarantee.

⁩ Google raises price of YouTube TV, its cable-like bundle, to $65 a month. Real nice, now you are like a traditional cable company! Losers might be the way to go

YouTube tv on that shit I’m boutta send that “u up?” text

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Introduction to the . Achievement "straight shot" unlocked!!! 😝

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