👑The most beautiful national parks in 🇷🇺, according to a social media users survey: 🏛️Livadia Palace () 🏔️Katun Nature Reserve (Altai) 🌳 National Park ⛰️Prielbrusye 🌨️Paanajärvi (Karelia) ⛱️Curonian Spit 🌊Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve 🌲Lena Pillars

🇷🇺 Today 's largest resort city , the capital of our country, is celebrating the City Day 🎉 Sochi hosted the XXII Winter Games and XI Winter Games in 2014, as well as the Russian 🏎 (when you can 😉)

Man placed on mandatory upon arriving in escapes facility for an outdoor workout... it didn't go as planned

No doubt is planning something very big in . Last night, the longest convoy of military equipment to date has been seen with over 300 vehicles. The supports turkeys right to enforce the agreement that gives the rebels in Idlib a safe zone.

NEW - As & meet in : - 1 soldier killed in strike - Heavy MRL shelling on *and* positions in - calls (for 1st time) for a return to the lines in .

Sana News Agency, Defense Ministry,:The regime clearly violates the agreement reached with and continues to support and arm terrorist organizations in ,Western allegations and accusations against the Government are False.

| 🇷🇺 MoD: has allowed its observation posts, established under 2018 deal, to virtually merge with bases in . In violation of international law it has deployed a strike force the size of a mechanised division there ➡️

Turkey’s has the objective of bringing stability to , protecting civilians & our armed forces by preserving the agreement & our observation posts. To this end, we have inflicted considerable damage on the regime’s assets.

Kremlin: will continue to in its war against terrorism and it is adhered to implementing agreements.

Turkish President admits Turkish military outposts in is under siege, warns military action by the end of months if deal was not honored, laments Turkish Air Force denied from using Syria air space by .

made another speech today on - re-asserting the end of February deadline for to step back to lines or else face a -led military campaign. More interestingly, he said would "soon" be able to fly aircraft over . How, remains unclear.

Park” – the first theme park, based on the rich cultural and historical heritage of ! Enjoy attractions of all kinds spending a day in a fairytale-like place by the !

will use force to make the regime forces pull back in 's Idlib province per deal and this message was conveyed directly and clearly to , says Ömer Celik, 's ruling party deputy chair and spokesperson.

Time is running out. Russia🇷🇺 will either pull back the regime and retry the process: Sochi 2.0 Or Turkey🇹🇷 will launch a military operation and Russia🇷🇺 will find itself sitting in Ankara: Ankara 1.0

: - We support our ally , which has done more than anyone in helping refugees. - We reject claims made by that blame for recent escalation in . - The US will continue to coordinate w. to restore a ceasefire re. .

The situation of military points in clearly shows 🇹🇷's aim to re-enforce the lines. When the military operation starts, these points will be in the back of the regime while being also a weak point for 🇹🇷. -> 🇹🇷 will need to conduct somewhat a Blitzkrieg

After refusal to fulfill his obligations of the deal in , and his sending of more Turkish occupation forces & terrorists & weapons to help & terrorists in , is sending its to to start major clean up work.

| Moscow believes that the reason for the recent deterioration of the situation in de-escalation zone is ’s failure to comply with agreements under the memorandum of September 17, 2018 ➡️ |

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