We are forbidden to eat blood because the blood is the life of a creature. Is this equivalent to the soul? If I can “pour out my soul,” does it mean that the soul inhabits the blood?

Game Over Category of people are Eritreans with the of Dicatatorship!!

Be aware of your body, your breath, your soul and your mind is being connected with the universe 💫

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." - 2 Timothy 1:7, NKJV

CHUDAIL Pakistan The female demoniacal revenant (& also known as a tree ) is described as "the ghost of an unpurified living thing". Legends say, a woman who dies during childbirth, pregnancy or at the hands of her in-laws will come back as a Chudail for revenge.

“Holiness is the process whereby God changes our attitudes toward our trials and tribulations.” Thomas Keating Discerning Soul

But by we eagerly await through the the righteousness for which we hope. //

You can accomplish anything if you believe in the strength of your mind, the power of your spirit, and the magic of your dreams. ~ Paula Finn

Had a very busy day and couldn’t attend/finish up our . Remaining N°5. Also, Those I singled out for 5-10 odds ... I will deliver tomorrow 🤞... Had no time today. Enjoy the rest of today. .

When you’re in a battle with another, you are dealing with a shadow aspect of self, showing as a reflection in this great hall of mirrors. This is an aspect of self you have not embraced consciously. We are learning on through this experience to make love, not war.

True of is made manifest in the of will to consent to the of the by resourcing the of when faith is called upon in the time of challenge to & bear fruit unto the Lord.

When we guard our hearts, we enter the realm if the spirit, and we deny the devil access into our spiritual affairs. -

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