Update: final product! Shout out to my mans for keeping me cute 🥰 he’s now pursuing his dream as a hair stylist 🙈also shout out to RUNTZ for the masks!

My daughter turns up unexpectedly from London, pitches a tent in our back garden & we have our first time together for months that isn’t via a screen. I realise how much time we have all spent in a kind of emotional lockdown.

Knackered arm is driving me nuts, so an early goodnight from me. and don't let the halfwits in charge get you down.

Here's hoping for a peaceful night. Enjoy your evening. We're back in the tweet seat tomorrow.

Black Lives Matter is not an opportunity for you to be hateful to people you don’t like. Blm is not “a trend” for you to spread hate on stan twitter. Blm is not a competition on who says what and who does what. If this is a joke to you please leave blm out of it.

Truth be told,a lot of women lost their virginity due to rape 💔 🙏

We’re not empty, we’re just waiting.....⠀ ⠀ ⠀

To all our Malaysians 🇲🇾 in the United States 🇺🇸, there are Missions responsible for the state you are residing in. Please give them a call/drop an email should you require further assistance. Please exercise caution and remain vigilant in your areas. Most importantly, !

We always look for someone who is and is committed to the relationship. That's why I have joined hands with . Together, we appeal to everyone to so that we can fight the pandemic. This is a message straight from the heart.

Thanks a lot to everyone who has wished me yesterday . It was a wonderful day and all the wishes that came from each and everyone is special and really thank each one for making the effort to wish me during these tough times.

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