View of Hamilton County tstorm from West Des Moines around 8:30 this evening

2020 has been CRAZY. With much uncertainty, it's nice to plan what you CAN . Our Content Creators Planner helps you do this; set a goal, your content, create your plan, assess, & enjoy the sweet taste of . Get yours:

Opened a ticket with on May 11. Said they were going to look @ the issue. Followed up several times. Finally got through to someone on Friday, said the first person didn’t even process our first ticket. No one has still got back to us

This modern Arabic villa design lives up to this challenge by juxtaposing modern architectural forms with traditional Islamic characteristics to create a design that promotes harmony between the , its surroundings & those who live in it.

for the of the Centre National des Industries et Techniques in Paris... 1955 "Robert Edouard Camelot, Jean de Mailly, Bernard Zehrfuss accompanied by the engineer Jean Prouvé...The structural engineer for the concrete shell was Nicolas Esquillan"...

THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE The 10.5km bridge is the second longest in Africa. It was constructed by Julius Berger and inaugurated in 1990 by Gen. Babangida. It took 14 years (1976-1990) for the construction of the bridge to be completed.

We are putting together some resources for schools to use including this poster which illustrates the issues that can face Yr 10/11 students who change schools mid year

All-glass exteriors on the ground floor of this make it look like the rest of the is floating.

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