Got an online job so had to get some home office items with groceries. Made a video aswell so do check out my new channel if you’re bored and show some love 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 .

: 10 Out of 10 Men Do Whatever Ann Coulter Tells Them To

I drew these a while ago, I had a lot of fun putting my own twist on 's characters. I tried using two different types of techniques in the painting process.

. Adopt learning style that benefits you most. Visual: charts, diagrams Auditory: listen to lectures Reading: interact with text Tactile: practicals, hands-on Which one are you? Please Retweet.

After these things the world won't be the same anymore the world we knew it gone. What should we do ? closer to God has never before the time& season in the word. go of everything holding you back because this world is passing . Remember lot's wife ? Genesis 19

Question Of The Day In order to promote Digital India Initiative of the central government which bank launched India's 1st prepaid wallet card "Enkasu"?

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