Those of you who have missed my Insta-Live with the legendary musician Palash Sen can go to my IGTV and watch it! Thanks A huge thank to da for the beautiful songs ❤

I'm very excited to share with all of you that my first ever Instagram Live will be with the legendary musician !! I'll go live today at 7:15pm BST/6:45pm IST! Thanks for making this happen ❤️

Moonlit palmtrees. Looks the same from afar. Zoom is iffy. Especially cramped on small screens, even 4K. Who's daring mobile photography. Not me. Now. ?

Modern churches promote an eye-pleasing gospel calling it God’s fruit. But real truth prophesies Christ healing the soul. Discover the difference in True Regeneration:

While still on my work desk but lying down facing up taking a break, i saw the supermoon shining so bright waving at me giving lots of support. Goodbye.

Today’s is a good one. This stunning image of a and the during a sortie was taken by recently - we couldn’t help but share it again!

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