I understand this, but if children are not the means of transport of the disease then why are they being kept away from the elderly? There are so many cases overseas of the Covid-19 being brought into schools by kids. Is it different in Sweden?

Albert Lilienberg´s city plan for Stockholm (1928). With a rapidly growing population and a rapidly growing traffic in the city, it was crucial to draw a plan to disperse and spread the population outwards from the most populated area.

Update: I'm still uncommonly Swedish! ⭐️

In the same area there's also this lovely cat warning sign. Behind it the other sign says "Findus fatt en liten vän Maja gräddnos heter den" / "Findus got a little friend It's called Maja cream nose" I like the humour of those there who make the signs.

One of those mornings. Up and out on our before breakfast. Gorgeous spot, grilling sodrakompaniet korv on the fire pit last night

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