So basically has a direct flight from Minsk to Stockholm.According to the information on and swedish police website I can take the flight from Belarus to Sweden based on my Latvian residence.

NEW OPPORTUNITY: We are looking for a high performing "hunter" for this SAM role responsible for the Nordics. Ideally based in 🇸🇪 or 🇩🇰 Click on the link ⬇️ for more information and who to call for an initial discussion

For those who wish the contrast to no-lockdown . (Note the Y axis labels; Spain's population is approx. 4.5x Sweden's.)

I’m studying Svenska for understanding Swedish soccer!! I don’t know yet. But I want to know more and watch game again!! I like Max svensson!! 2019/05/15 at Helsingborg

The biggest fear of lockdown zealots is not that this is a deadly virus that might kill them, but that they will be proven wrong and herd immunity was the right strategy all along.

The herd immunity success. If only we had stayed on track

Daily COVID-19 deaths from No lockdown. No closing businesses. No closing schools. No masks. And no fcuking second wave ... Distribution curve matches UK/SCO - and their deaths per million is LOWER ... Stand Free. Stand Up.

UPDATED 7/29/20 All-Cause Deaths week 40-27 2015-2020 Excess Deaths: 1229 a 1.6% increase vs. 4 yr average despite the !

Curve flattened....job done. Carry on as usual 25 Jul: 1 C-19 deaths 26 Jul: 1 27 Jul: 4 28 Jul: 1 29 Jul: 0 30 Jul: 0 31 Jul: 1 01 Aug: 2 02 Aug: 1 03 Aug: 0 04 Aug: 1 05 Aug: 0

Hogwash! did it with no masks and kids in school. Wear a mask if you feel it helps you. Take any measures you need to protect yourself Leave others to make their own choices Not everyone can wear a mask No one should be required to outside of hospital

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