Bittersweet, just the way of our iced mocha is.😊🥤 . 📞 Please call 95382877 to order for pick up, UBER EATS delivery and pick up options also available . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

on the "will i go" set 🐨 the song has been gaining new traction on , and also adding into more radio cycles worldwide, thanks for your support 🙌 @ Sydney, Australia

On snap! 😱 Pray for them. . Death toll at 48 in Aus. Last time I saw it it was at 24 😳 @ Sydney, Australia

Something you do see every day. The tech in today while treating some live spotted this very dead bat hanging in the tree. He wondered why the residents hadn’t noticed as the smell was quite bad

Early morning view of Sydney Harbour Bridge while going to work

Remembering the late John "Junior" Hanna on his birthday. native was 's first player of Lebanese descent. His career spanned 20 seasons and eventually became coach in .

Happening in , People are targeting the Consulate threatening to kill . could have affected this man or his family.

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