City of trees tattoo expo was a blast. Can’t wait for tattoo expos when this stuff is over.

Father & Son, a phrase I take pride in now. The blessing of a lifetime is becoming a parent. Photocred 📸: xxamandaxxlovesxxyu

Ya girl is movin up in the world with a new job and Im gonna reward myself with some tattoos 🙏🏻🙃😻!

writing an ebook called "The Perfect Tattoo". Would you read it?

Casually laying on a tree....because even the woodland elves are in quarantine. Tell me what movies on Netflix I need to hit up. I've done excessive watching so far. . . . . . .

Do you agree with this? Sadly, some people get tattoo designs they searched randomly on Google... Some people will just get random design their tattoo artists recommend... ⁠

Goal by the end of 2020 is to have a half sleeve and half my chest covered.

3 years ago today I got my first tattoo and here we are, with 11 🥳 and yes, it is a tattoo of my cat that is sleeping beside me right now. She saved my life 15 years ago 💕

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