Oh no! I’ve knackered it lads, stuck my sticker on wonky, has anyone got a spare?

:) Since our last , the world has changed. The pandemic has emphasized the urgency for , and we are accelerating our vision to help & customers adapt and thrive, in the and beyond.

Throw back on our Rolling Hall held in May! The video is available NOW online:) ENJOY EVERYS! *The video is only available to those who purchased the online ticket(code) for the concert.

Understanding the politics of Cuba and Venezuela requires the knowledge that, for much of the Global South, the United States won't even permit European-style social democracy. That was the lesson Che Guevara learned in Guatemala in 1954. From last night's with

I’m about to go live with discussing his brilliant new book ‘Jakarta Method’ - I learned so much reading this!

From Indonesia to Brazil regimes were upturned, & millions died, in the name of ‘anti-communism’. During the Cold War in particular this was colonialism by other means. Tonight at 8pm on I’ll be discussing how that looked with

Tonight at 8pm interviews author of 'Jakarta Method', to examine the historic legacy of Cold War anti-communism.

📷 stylegazer1: As it’s this was taken exactly a year ago. The Cannes premiere of Rocketman.

Final 4 dropping tomorrow at 3:00 PM PST ..

Good morning Old Bridge. Would everyone please stop and stand for the Pledge of Allegiance 🇺🇸 ⚔️💜🖤 Thank you Today, Wednesday, May 13 is a B Day -Periods 6/7 or 7/8, 8/9 or 9/10, 11or12 Remember to check in with you Period 1 teacher

Today May 8th would have been my Don’s 94th Birthday. It makes me so proud that he was able to bring joy into so many lives. I am blessed that I have wonderful family & friends & I was able to share my life with my Don. I miss him so! ❤️

Emmanuel Ecodu Representing 7s in the Commonwealth Games 2014, Glasgow, Scotland. Cc: ,

Former University of Houston Houston Cougar Men's Hoops Houston Rockets Akeem (Hakeem) Olajuwon 🐐 blocked Michael Jordan four times over the course of a single game. Not in my casa!

Started work on a show called Dream Team. Didn’t know then it would turn into a cult classic. Had a laugh a day with some amazing people who remain friends to this day.

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