Quote for today all debts are paid by three important things & let no one tell you different. KDP

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When we compare what we “want” to what we really NEED it should make us more conscientious of others. Give more than you get, then keep giving more (, , , , , etc).

Taking a picture is like freezing . Enjoy your families & capture the moments even in these tough times.

Mar 16 2020. The UN SDG account announces vaccine trials. It tags - not scientists - but instead Benioff, Paul Polman (former Unilever CEO & high-level UN affiliate, influencers, a Gates "Goalkeeper", social media specialist, etc. Recall that WEF is at helm of UN SDGs.

There is no beginning and there is no end to time. There is only your perception of time. — Zen proverb ^ |

Our scarcity of (Personal Protective Equipment) will be our societal undoing. Know this. It can’t change today, but ONLY over as we take life-saving & human race-saving action and refuse this thrust upon us with our own tax revenues & by our own Government.☠️

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