I have always loved your music and personailty. Ghana and Africa is blessed to have you!

Wow can't wait to see my Naira and Tina.... Now it's gonna be double deliciousπŸ˜‹ 😍 Bring it on We are ready for some treat. 😍😍😍

The problem is that akusinga knowledge bambi.

The Truth always bitter stay strong on the truth

We were supposed to be in NYC tonight to see to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. But instead we did a call with our wedding party.

I stand with Hard luck This time round siyegeda okubela emanya yekooko On earth have never liked the program called "Sqoop n' sqoop" so disgusting and less valuable for life to never work on TV again

No one deserves to lose a Job within this period. Stay strong .

Naye oba wea does get these fierce women from it was then now its

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