Huge slab serif Y on the mountainside above Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah. The university is colloquially referred to as the Y. These kinds of hillside letters representing schools are common in Utah.

So apparently, Eric Gill advocated the radical idea of 'unjustified' typesetting in his Essay on Typography, published in 1931.

I realize it’s time to create a company handbook. Rule #1, you may never use Century Gothic .

Such a design can be charming. It's soothing sometimes. Edinburgh, Scotland, captured by Benedikt D-rner.

I look at both.🤭 I was searching for a font that screamed New York. I think I found it.

In heaven with this Murdock Parlor Grate Company catalogue, c.1890, featuring some amazing adverts! 😍

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