Funny. The power conditioner is such a short module, and the Apollo X6 is such a long unit that it’s a real bitch to plug into all the power outlets behind the conditioner. But the power conditioner just HAS to be on the very top! Lol 😂

Working on my first mix im in conjunction with sweet combo and integration keep up the great work guy 🔥👍🏿

LIVE now! Come check out Office Hours #6 with , where he'll dive into a session he created exclusively using LUNA. Facebook: YouTube: T...

looking through my apollo window and having a fantastic time putting eighth notes on the stars, I wonder if it's really matter to waste time to land on luna

could had been an instant hit with pro-users, but no support for High Sierra 💔. Luna, see you in a few years...

LUNA is out and it is AWESOME!! I’m going to do a video on my own YouTube on how I do backing tracks using LUNA and UAD plugs. Go get it now if you have a interface!

So, I've basically got to sell both my Mac's to run Luna 🤦🏾

Really want to upgrade to the new LUNA recording software, but worried the majority of my plugins won't be supported on Catalina OS 🥺

LUNA is LIVE! Universal Audio releases LUNA ahead of schedule... from

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