But though it has already wasted time and opportunities to contain the coronavirus, the still has a chance to apply hard lessons learned by , and other nations.

Their leadership - , and either don’t care that these two people are working against the interests of the or are supportive of their actions

The admin has postponed its plan to release prisoners, a senior official said, a decision that could sabotage a peace deal signed last month between the armed group and the .

Under the accord signed with the on Feb. 29, the agreed to withdraw all and allied forces from within 14 months.

Foreign Ministry said that the dismay of the over the return of normal life in is due to its frustration and bitterness over the failure of its project in Syria which involved spreading chaos and terrorism.

Until the people in the especially those in the become able to distinguish between truth and murderous propaganda, people will keep suffering just because deadly power is in the hands of those who have no values or..

The Impeached President of the 🇺🇸 & the indicted PM of , should be the last people proposing any Peace plan from 1898 Before Israel even existed! Capital of !🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸 HISTORY cannot and WILL NOT be rewritten. !

forces arrested 2Ahwazi female asylum seekers and took them to an unknown destination! Maryam Afri +Nehayeh Afri,recently received acceptance of asylum application (case ref:245- 09C0055LE)to the of America Please hep to release them!

Protesters are taking to streets of capital Baghdad on Friday for a million-man rally to call for an end to the military presence of in their country

.2/ In a phone call with U.S. Secretary of State Mike , Prime Minister asked the to send a delegation to to set up a mechanism for U.S. troop withdrawal from the country, a statement from the PM’S office said Friday.

Positive move by the to defuse tensions between and the !! The of Representatives restricted 's authority to fight Iran.

OK, they see this, but do they understand why? 'the has no friends in , or at least none that are effective.'

Check out CG Fagin’s interview on Kurdistan24. The continues to support peaceful coexistence, religious inclusion, and acceptance of all faiths in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Since the Iranian uprising began over a month ago, ex-pat Iranians have come out across the , , , and in order to support their fellow Iranians, who are seeking the overthrow of the regime.  

Rep Paul Gosar supports Iran protests Cross-party lawmakers in the House of Representatives on Wednesday declared their support and solidarity with the 

Honored and excited to be giving medical endocrinology grand rounds today. Did you know has one of the largest endocrine fellowship programs in the ?

: Air Base in Is Attacked by Car Bomb. At least 80 soldiers were killed and wounded in a car bombing and subsequent attack by Mujahideen at the largest invaders military base in Afghanistan.

"Our ally, the , has withdrawn from existing agreements and is pursuing technological developments which will make submarine-based missile systems like no longer invulnerable."

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