Eu achando que dps da primeira merda o ia tomar vergonha na cara : 🤡

i don't really know why ppl still attack bailey and i understand that u with lamar side but i really don't get WHY! he apologize already!?!?!! but u don't like his apology and i don't have any good explain for that!?!?!?!

....and this is what , Now United for.... Come together everyone, everywhere now💜

PARABÉNS PRA VCS EM 👏👏 plmds a que ponto vcs chegaram 🤦‍♀️ pode shippa mais parem de ser tóxicos plmds, podem shippa mais com limites, não precisa resumir eles em shippi UNITERS KIDS PARAM AMADUREÇAM.

Who would think that love?? Love you Now United !!

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