I made a weird animation in a variable font, using multiple masters as key frames. It was a silly experiment, but it’s kind of cute.

Want your text to fit? No problem...don't just change the font size, change the width as well! ✨

✋Keep patting that fluffy fellow!🤚 's Jello makes a variable font cameo! (completing the challenge!) This also completes the A-Z of variable initials, so how about that overview?

Samsa is a new web app from (founder of ) that shows how work under the hood, with interactive visualizations for glyph outlines, variation deltas, etc. It also lets you export static fonts from custom variation settings.

Fontsmith variable fonts are here! . You can try and download 9 typefaces for free on our new interactive variable font microsite as well as learn more about this font technology.

Learning how to create variable fonts. Wondering if you could use the weight axis to control emotions of glyphs 😝

With this week’s announcement of support in , I’ve been excited to use it as a playground for my in-progress variable fonts!

I wanted to make this for ages, I finally got around to it! It detects the Device orientation and updates the variable font weight axis (plus a transform) Also using the Google Fonts V2 API Code: Test: 😄

I had a play with the Google Fonts V2 Beta API. There are a couple of changes but it's still simple to use! I wrote a short post: also wrote a great post about it

At we have announced a preview of support in a new CSS API. Curious to hear your thoughts!

That’s a wrap! Thanks for the first TypeJuly type design workshop (with of course). 5 days of exploring new areas in type design. Now first: beer, beer, beer.

as the next iteration of ? Tried on a 50k fonts dataset collected by - Now I'm stuck watching this loop

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