People who test positive for the but refuse hospital treatment could face a "prison" sentence under a new regulation introduced in , .

Italy's ministry of agriculture has cleared the way for DOC Prosecco Rosé, with sales to begin next year. Up to 15% pinot nero is what will give the pink fizz its color.

Blessed Pope Benedetto XI, pray for us! He was born Niccolò Boccasini in 1240 in in the . He was a Dominican priest. He was elected Pope on October 22, 1303. His Pontificate only lasted eight months. He died suddenly on July 7, 1304 in Perugia.

The perception from the population is key, and in and is very high. I don’t feel the same perception in for example.

i find the title missleading and speculative as a “closure” has never been mentioned as far as i can read (italian). I can assure you: in the risk is taken seriously and takled properly. From my personal experience, much more than in ...

in there are currently approx. 300 covid-positive persons over a population of 6 mil. Just 2 in ic. They chase and isolate immediately the few cases they had. Veneto () is doing better than . And it will continue

Wanky cork on this one, but the Nebbiolo from - strawberry with lean soft cheese all mid-palate Benny Hall -90pts

evidently he has refused to say who he met etc..what do you do when people are so selfish?

Hence, the increase of Rt in is mostly due to one single person (an idiot). That says that the contagion is dangerous and fast, and we cannot lower our attention. On idiots.

These are a bit sad days for the news I heard about the . Let's try to stay careful and smile even when things are not going very well. We always seek and .

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