Morning & in : School's off in a couple of days but there will, unfortunately, be no trip to Italy and no trip to Paris this year. So I have to get by with my extended morning rituals. (By the way, the coffee pot is an Austrian post-war "Lilienporzellan.")

🇦🇹 "Proud Turkish Nationalists" in Vienna, Austria running away for fear of Austrian police officers during a protest of Anti fascists.

😷Gamoto ! Turkish extremists attack peaceful Kurdish march in for third consecutive day For the third consecutive day, Turkish extremists attack a peaceful march for the Kurdish community in Vienna, . 😼🔽

If you hate the population of Austria really so much that u in doubt rather side with a violent fascist organization from abroad, than with the native people- why are you in this country then?

fascists of Grey Wolves have been attacking rallies of Kurds and leftist Turks in for 3 nights in a row now. Chancellor : We will not allow conflicts to spread from Turkey to Austria, it is important to practice a zero tolerance policy.

Far right turkish nationalists and 'Grey Wolves' endanger the streets of . This seems to be a deep-rooted problem.

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