Townhouse Holiday Rental in Le Touquet, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France Weekly Rental: From GBP 900 to GBP 1280 Property reference ID: 3081

We have spent the our for X 🇫🇷 in We are super 😆 & look forward to so much. If anyone has any hints or they would like to share with us, it would be greatly appreciated

Surely there needs to be more guidance on this from . You can go for a pint, get ur hair done, visit people in hospital and soon children will be returning to school but you cant visit a loved one inside their carehome?!

How to protect self and others Parks and Recreational Facilities | Protect Yourself and Others from COVID-19 | CDC

I’ve looked for it but I have not seen any mention of indoor to from today. I know this is a hard call but time is running out for many . Please can we decide soon. We need to reconnect our citizens with their families.

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