Book Launch 9/13. Online event. More details soon. Watch this space. Follow me.

Lining in my favourite part of the job last month at Mavericks new venue on the North Wales coast. See you there.

👍 Thank you to everyone who came along to the walk today! 🌳 🌞 Thankfully the sun wasn’t out too much. ⛅️ But it was still warm! 🥵 🥾 It was our first walk as a larger group again since March. 📆

This is applicable to the “/” as well. When you are out please take care of the nature..

How is this justifiable, I have bigger Potatos at home. Might start making my own crisps.

They remind me of the walkers from the walking dead. Trump is a con-man 😆 🤣 😂 this sleaze ball get tested on the hour and will never come close to you walkers because he know its a possibility you morons can infect him.

Principle #12 from The Book of Walking: Great minds think a hike. (This one I saw on a bumper sticker and couldn’t resist.)

Pop by and check our Mobility Shop Sale here on Church Street. Lots of bargains to be had with 15% off shop wide! Call 01933 315555!

Any out there had events because of COVID?? Why not join our community set your own goal and help for Chester’s at the same time? Sign up here

Get ready for the UEFA Champions League with Walkers Max Double Crunch and Pepsi Max

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