Crush's Coaster is now closed for a refurbishment. It's scheduled to reopen on 01-05-2020

I'm watching Mr Magoo on D+, and am sure the jewel is called The Star of Kurtistan... Now I know where got all his wealth to build Kurtis Town from! Aha! 😳

My Mom And I Just Drove Up By The Walt Disney Studios In Burbank And It's Basically Like A Ghost Town Because Of You Know What! I Just Hope That The Walt Disney Studios Resumes Operation Very Soon!

I'm watching a wrinkle in time... My god is it aweful! What an overproduced, tedious, slog of movie. It thinks it's ever so deep and intelligent, but it's just pretentious.

Simply enjoying an upward view.... TOT is always our first attraction at Walt Disney Studios ... we like strong morning emotions 🗝 ————

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